Friday, February 18, 2011

Early Morning Earl Grey

Oh my!

Good morning my curious friends. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had accumulated a visitor or two to my tea party. You have boosted my ego just a bit, dear friends, but I promise I will not let that get to my head. After all, it wouldn't be polite, now would it? But I come to you now, so early in this morning with tea ready for us, the table spread and my interests alive. A bit of earl gray in the morning really wakes one's senses, or at least I believe it sharpens my wit just a bit. Have you ever had a fresh cup? The aroma really is sort of sweet, very fragrant and like that of citrus. 

Citrus... the world reminds me of the circus! Oh how wonderfully strange those places are, and yet they are filled with the happiest of peoples. Wouldn't it be grand if I could fly through the air, or tame a ferocious beast? But you know, those places don't seem so outrageous to me, at least not any more. As a resident of Wonderland, why would I? This place entails all of the nonsense a world should always be aware of, a sense of frivolity and wonder that never ceases to amaze, and never disappoints. Oh, and would you have ever guesses that spring has woken up again? Yes, with a warm smile and just a puff of air it breathed life into Wonderland this very day! The wind whispered to the wise old trees, and the blue birds were singing happy tales of how they had spent their holidays. No sign of those snooty flowers yet, but I'm sure they'll blossom soon and claim my garden as their own. They are ever so pretty, but their personalities are repugnant. I prefer the quiet nature they take up every now and then, only do they chatter when you turn your back on them. They are gossip queens, you know. I thought I should warn you about that my friend, otherwise you might not understand why certain rumors about you may spread during the spring. But take it all in stride, try to ignore it lest it actually interferes with your life.

I can't blame you if you don't take my advice. I often think it is good, but never do I take my own advice... 

Let's move onto a cheerier topic though! Today, I awoke in the arms of my beloved White Rabbit. He is ever so sweet, but I'm afraid he was still on a business trip to dream land while I awoke. I dared not to disturb him, but only watched his peaceful expression in admiration for a few moments. You must be thinking, 'Oh Alice! Don't lay out your heart to us!', but my curious friend, this is the public diary you chose to read! The tea party you chose to attend! Don't blame me if you must suffer through a sentence or two of my tender feelings. Despite these words, I am smiling even now and sipping my tea with you. Would you like a refill? Or a bit more sugar? I'd be pleased to kindly fashion your cup in any way you please. My friends have the courtesy to do so for me, and so I would only return the gesture. 
After spending the morning with the White Rabbit, I had met with the Mad Hatter. She ran a bit late you see, funny since I believe it is the White Rabbit told time after time to be late, but she was quite late for our important date today. I was pleasant however, as we took invigorating strolls throughout walls of gray. Whilst I take care of my body in straining so for a bit, I often find that those gray walls melt away, and I wish myself to be roaming throughout the sky! 

Our meeting did not last long, as it was short and had begun late. And so I returned home. I had originally believed this day in Wonderland to be a bit... mundane. And I thought to myself, 'How odd! My Wonderland is always filled with nonsense and amusement!', but just as I believed my day to be rather glum, I realized that I was invited to a small gala if you will. Accompanied by my White Rabbit, we went to the abode of some funny characters I'm sure you would love to meet. This party was friendly and lively, there were sweet treats served and companions with smiles. This time was spent mingling amongst a deck of cards you know. 
Let me introduce them as I know them. The Joker, a fellow with always a smile and a joke, a jester of sorts who is quiet in his own respects. He is almost always accompanied by the Ace, whom is just as lively and silly as he, if not more so, and my White Rabbit and the Ace always partake in friendly sport. There is the Carpenter, who is a young man of fatherly nature, one who is warm and always looking to help. The Walrus, who is a bit odd, but always our gracious host. For now, the rest of the characters shall remain a deck of cards, as the White Rabbit mingled amongst them tonight. Meanwhile I, took in a friendly match against the Ace.

You see, while the White Rabbit mingled with different cards and our host, I greeted the Ace. He and I have always sported this game where one will engage the other in a friendly wave, and both are too stubborn to be the first to halt. I am a bit embarrassed to admit, that it was timed how long we had waved to one another while partaking in conversation. When we finally finished greeting one another, and many would laugh as they recalled, that it had lasted an entire sixty four minutes. Sixty four minutes! Honestly, I could have been joking with the Joker, or sipping tea and delighting in sweets! But all is well, I look back on it with amusement. The party went on, and I suppose there isn't much to tell.

Now I sit here, sipping at my tea this early in the morning. I have not even laid my weary head to bed yet, but I wanted to drop you a visit, a line, a passing glance, and a fond memory to pass the time with. I still find, that tea time is my favorite time. I can pass it with anyone I please, I can discuss whatever I like, and partake in whatever tea I so desire. My clock often argues with me, that I should be sleeping, or perhaps I should be studying or assigned to another activity. But tea time is important! My clock must simply rest his hands and accept this, but his temper is a bit short you know. They say time waits for no man. That may be true, but this is Wonderland, and I am Alice. Time can wait for me, the hours passing are only marks that we have established. The passing of the sun means nothing to me, as time is erratic here in Wonderland. A whole day not need to pass if the sun sinks, and the night can be our daytime, the moon our sunlight. Does this make any sense to you? It doesn't have to. But you should enjoy this while you can. Drink up, I have plenty more. 

Oh curiouser and curiouser I become every day. 
Isn't there anything you wish to say? 
Anything at all! 
Be my guest, is it not a simple request? 
Conversation is not one sided,
But it is here that my thoughts are confided.

Heehee, you'll soon see that I do like to rhyme from time to time. Rhyme is a witty little thing I think. It is used in poem and prose, literature and dialogue, but I like to work a rhyme into at least one sentence of every day, to create a smile, if only for myself. I feel a bit... sad. My thoughts are running low, my wit is dulling. I fear that my day is coming to a close, my curious friend. My well of inspiration is dried up for today, and I must tell you that I apologize. I doubt my conversation today was anything but idling. But please, feel free to drop a line or two, never mind my shyness on your account. I am very pleased to have seen someone leaving their own small entry in my diary today, and I hope to see more. Ideas, critiques, even a simple 'hello' can last quite a while, as I'm sure I've proved to you. I really do relish in your company, but now it is time that I too depart to rest. I hope I have sweet dreams tonight. Perhaps I'll embark on another adventure tonight while I sleep, and I can tell you about it tomorrow. Have a wonderful, wonderful day, and please, always be curious... you never know what kind of nonsense you'll come across.


Alice <3

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