Thursday, February 17, 2011

Midnight Milk Tea

Wonderful wonderful here, isn't it?

So this is the beginning to this sort of public diary. I'm eager to begin, and yet I'm not sure where to start. So let's go over some introductions first. You may call me Alice. It's a pleasure to meet you, whoever you are, dear reader, and I hope that you shall continue to grace this wondrous little diary with your company and your own reflections. Now, I will most likely be mentioning several characters from my daily life here, so let's go over what they shall be called as well. My lover, will be referred to as the White Rabbit. I'm really not joking you know, I don't want to give out names and such, not here. So, the White Rabbit is my lover, and he has been for nearly four years now. I call him my White Rabbit because he is the one who brought me to Wonderland, he picked me up through different circumstances of my mundane, depressing life, and led me to a place where I call home. A place where I am usually happy, the people are quite charming, and nothing makes much sense, but I like it this way. In fact, I love it this way. 

Moving on. Another character you should familiarize yourself with is the Mad Hatter. She is my dearest friend, and she is often concerned for my health an happiness, though others might find her a bit blunt, I find her perfectly charming and amiable. She would probably laugh should she ever read this, but that's what I like about her. Close to the Mad Hatter is the March Hare. You guessed it, or did you? I'm curious to know. The March Hare is the partner of my Mad Hatter, her boyish friend whom she treasures, and although I am not too close to him, I admit he is a good choice for her. I'm afraid the Queen of Hearts will be cast by a rather overbearing friend of mine, she might have taken a head off or two, but she still is a young woman with feverish desires. The Cheshire Cat, a rather flamboyant, ridiculous, and sometimes irksome friend of mine. Please do not read me wrong on him, it has been awhile since he visited, and I do miss him, but sometimes his ever persistent grin is too much for me to bare. Sleepy Dorm Mouse, someone who often neglects my attentions and thus has become scarce in my life, but she too means well. That is the last of our cast for now, but do not forget that new characters are introduced into one's life every single day. 

Now that you are a bit more familiar with my world, let's say hello. As you recall, my name is Alice. Certainly the pleasure is mine in meeting those who choose to stay and become a part of this brief tea party. So you get to know me just a bit, I'll give you some facts about myself, but not many. Let's see... 

Alice is by what I am called, 
I am petite and not at all tall,
my skin is fair, 
and my head often in the air.

I'll admit, that was for my own amusement, and I found it rather funny. But really, just so you know I do enjoy reading quite a bit, especially fantasies and funny things, poems and jokes, some romances and mysteries. Writing is another hobby of mine, one of which I plan to turn into a career. Creative, that is. The only kind that there should be. I am of the friendly sort, so please feel free to drop a line or two. I would really prefer not to go over a list of hobbies and such here, as that is what a profile is for. But I do enjoy this time. 

Tea time... isn't it a splendid time of day? A time where nothing at all matters, time seems to stop as the clock hands rest, a light snack and tasty tea for you. One lump, or two? But that kind of phrase has faded, hasn't it? No one ever asks how many lumps for the other any more, a serve yourself sort of manner has taken over, which is good in all its respects. But what ever happened to the days before my time, where it was just 'normal' for someone to be so polite and kind to you as to pour your tea and style it in the fashion you pleased? Without expecting to be paid of course. Now such a deed as that is wonderful! Whatever happened that the definition of the word has been stretched so far as to describe a simple act of kindness now a days? I want a world full of smiling faces and manners to the fellow human being. That's not to say that a bit of strangeness isn't fine and dandy, in fact those are the people who seem most fitted for company. Those who smile and laugh aloud, those who dress in bright colors and wear odd perfumes. Those are the people I have noticed to be quite kind, though some a bit too boisterous for me. Instead, even my respected elders are dwindling in kind ways, now they simply give a passing glare to those unlike them. With open arms I welcome those unlike me! Strangeness is a bit wonderful, don't you think? Without it, many great stories and people would not have had the impact they had. 

But my discussions always drift during tea time. By the way, don't listen to whichever clock face you seem to admire. Tea time is any time, my curious friend. Whenever you have a moment of reflection, or a moment with someone close, wear a smile and enjoy the time. Whether it be relaxing or enjoyment, a party or a simple reprieve you take every day, I bid you to take it with enjoyment. Life is sweet, and your tea should be too!

And I'll let you in on a little more about me. I have an intense fear of public speaking, and I am in fact just a bit introverted. This tea time, this diary, is a place where I feel comfortable to share, and may be my only solace in somewhere to put down my thoughts and experiences for the day. But this isn't so bad.

Today I had put together an essay for one professor of mine. It was on a certain epic poem, and the symbolic nature of one of the characters. Unfortunately, I had not found the time to read said poem, but my essay received praise from both professor and peer today. So obviously, I must be doing something right. But even now, I sit here sipping at milk tea, something I believe you should try if you have not already. And I can only ponder, and ponder, and ponder... It seems that the more I wonder, the less I can think to tell you. So perhaps I should finish here. The introductions have been done, and my tea cup is almost empty. 

So, with a grin I hope you have sweet dreams. And I hope that you will always be curious enough to come back here during tea time.

<3 Alice


  1. This looks like the beginning of a very nice blog. Keep writing! :)

  2. Very beautiful blog. I look forward to visiting often :)
    ~The Bookaholic